Friday, November 6, 2009

The butterflies~~

So so so, the butterflies on my hand~ ^^
S'o'3 <- butterfly? does it looks like one? lol...

The one on my toes was in dark blue, but i make it light blue on my finger nails~

Left hand~

A light blue polish as base, here i'm using the OPI i got from beauty fair,
some blue glitters on the tips,
olive green on Konad 39, any of the flora image on it will do,
one chop of the butterfly with white (Konad 39, again, any of the 2 butterfly image will do),
and one more with dark blue,



Since Sweet Danielle likes Rachel's photographs, here's few more of the day~
The bear bear-Winnie the Pooh on the top is my bag accessory, a gift from my sweetie long time ago,
and the tiger he's 'riding' on, is new tissue box cover of my friend in his car..
Cute heh?? They are friends now~ ^^v

Was playing around with some effects on Photoshop..
It was the tiger owner's car~
And the yellow car accessory was from yours truly^^ As a birthday gift of the car with our signature on it, hehe...

Tadaaa~~~ Made these bliiiingss few days ago, but i'm not gonna show it at the moment yet~
heahea.. >:p

Lastly, the photographer~ haha..


Paige said...

I am loving the blinged out nails and the mani!

Unknown said...

Thanks! ^^ wish to figure out more nice butterfly patterns~ hehe..

Anonymous said...

You are gorgeous!! I do love your photos and your posts! They always make me smile! The butterfly mani is gorgeous too. The light blue background and dark butterflies are so so pretty!! Thank you Rachel <3 xx

Unknown said...

Thank you Danielle~ You're so kind and your comment always make me smile ^^
i'd definitely post more designs and photos whenever i finish my assignments and so~ :)

simyee said...

light blue nice~~
my favourite color.~~

dont sutdy lah..
go do nail art XD

Kae said...

I love butterflies, they are so cute! Such a pretty blue too :)

Unknown said...

My darling:
haha, you know my parents seriously ask me before if i wanna open a stall in mall and do nails for people as my future job.. XP

Kae i miss you!! @v@ i seldom pick blue to do mani especially light blue, so wondering if what i can come out with..
Thanks! ^^

simyee said...

tat day your mom also say liao mah..
u do your nail..
then u capture all your works
make it as a book..
then sell it XD


Unknown said...

haha, yaya, even daddy also! XP
But if say publish book, my skills still far away le..
haha, you sponsor me to attend classes 1st.. heaheahea...

Lucy said...

Very pretty and sweet manicure. Love the butterflies.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot! ^^ i love butterfly since small, hehe...

simyee said...

since your mama n daddy suggest u..
then u ask them to sponsor...

sell your nail idea XD

Unknown said...

hahaha, wait! wait i go learn acrylic and gel also 1st! then all nails design are in my hand~ heahea>: p