Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's all about your eye sight and backache lolx.

Tehee, Rachel is so sooo proud of myself~ ^^v
Found out a blog that provide few links to download japanese magazine and 2 of it are nail magazine, how can Rachel not attracted by it.
Both of these set of nails are modified by me from 2 of the designs in Nail Max.

Took me quite some time to did it especially the one with loooooots of stones,
my neck and eyes are tired now.. T.T
But it worth!!! staring at them make Rachel feel so good, who say we must go to nail saloon to get these bling bling done?! And using so much of stones here didn't even cost me much, lolx..

Come come i go do business on nails Danielle Kae you all can come over everyday with discounts.. XP

Ok finish getting excited, will upload more on the details and how i did it later tomorrow, just can't wait to show you all 1st, hehe...
Time to let my hand my eyes my backbone rest,
night to Rachel and morning to those at the other side of me~ ^^/


Lumin0us said...

AMAZING!! You are an ARTIST!!!***
Take a look here!
If you don't know it yet of course!
They have pretty much ALL the recent japanese nail art mags and some older ones too! Just look on the tags for Nail Max, Nail Up, Stylish Nail, Nail Venus...and a couple more i think! I get mine there!^^

Lucy said...

What a fantastic job you've done! Wish I could come over for that second design. Beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Danielle is speechless!! I absolutely LOVE these designs, they are masterpieces! And Kae and I get discounts?! Really! I am on the next plane over!! Tee hee! I am sorry that your back and eyes are sore but I agree so worth it! I can't stop looking at them either!! Stunning work from a beautiful girl xx

Unknown said...

Thank you for the link! I'm on the site now, ohh you all make Rachel threw my homework all away.. hehe..

Thank you! ^^ But now i have to get more stones back for re-stock, lolx..

Haha, I'm still so happy and satisfied on it, look on it like every few minutes..
I'm trying to improving from doing only 1 design on 1 nails to half set, then maybe when i'm able to do whole set of 10, i can sell them~

Jin said...

Wow Rachel, the full bling nail must have taken a long time to complete! I totally understand what you mean by backache hehehe. I feel that every week after slouching at my nail art desk for 4 to 5 hours to paint and draw on my nails. My friend in Japan is sending me some Nail Up and Nail Max magazines! I LOVE reading them too :)

Unknown said...

Oh how excited would it be if i got to get those magazine here as well,
local mag store in Malaysia only selling japanese mag such as Popteen Mina Kawaii but not nail mag.. ><
Hehe, we all understand the backache huh.. i think we can only get the problem solve if we use magnifying glasses to do nails.. lolx..

Unknown said...
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Jin said...

Yah I cannot find Japan Nail magazines here in Perth too. Some Jap fashion magazines I see are selling for about $30!!! Whereas it only cost about $5 in Japan. I actually saw a standing table top magnifying glass with lights last weekend and was nearly going to buy it. I did not in the end because I convinced myself I am not that old yet hahahaha!

Unknown said...

haha, you're so cute Jin.. ^^