Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Late back-to-uni mani+pedi~

Late post late post~ lol...

This is what i had on my hands the first day back to uni,
dark red gradient with acrylic (acrylic paint) roses and dot dot dot~~

One on ring finger and another rose on thumb..

See the 3D-ness? hehe....
Was so happy doing this mani, but it only last for like 2+ days, it started to chip on right hand so i change it after that..

Normally my nail routine would be
Mani on Sunday for Mon & Tues --> remove it on Wed or latest Thurs and let it rest for 1 day --> Mani on Thurs for Fri & Sat --> remove on Sat night and rest --> back to mani on Sunday..

Keep mani for 2-3 days and rest, so my nails can have some rest once in a while, plus plus my hand will get itchy and urge me "hey, it's time for something new again~~", hehe... ^^v

My prettie prettie rose with pencil case's accessory present by my aunt~~ ^^


Paige said...

That is so pretty!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful mani. My favourite, love the colours and the rose is beauitful. Can you do mine like that? <3

Unknown said...

Thanks! ^^

Oh you're so sweet Danielle~ ^^
i wish i can play with all my roses crazily but guess my nails are not big enough for them, haha....

Lucy said...

Love the color with the gradient. The rose is lovely. Fantastic manicure.

Unknown said...

I got plenty of roses waiting for me to take them, it will probably take me up some time to 'finish' using it, haha.. Thanks anyway^^