Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gold silver jewel~

This is a similar mani of Golden sand i've created sometime ago, but this time i use different base color and patterns.. ^^

Firstly, ingredients for blingbling nails~ ^^
Olive green polish,
gold glitter polish,
silver glitter polish,
dotting tools,
rhinestones~ @v@

Base coat EVERY TIME before you go any further..
Olive green as gradient base~
i paint my nails a wide french, then slightly go through the french line with the 'leftover' polish on the brush to create the gradient..

2 coats of gold glitter,
just simply paint over the olive...

I added one more layer of silver glitter on 3/4 of the nails after that,
just want it to be bling-er~ hehe...

Whether to wait for it to dry, you can add on rhinestone at any time..
I prefer to add it when the polish are still tacky, this way it can 'enhanced' the stickiness and hold the rhinestone better..

Top coat and you're done to hurt people's eyes now~ heaheahea...>:)

Oh ya, the name of this mani is actually direct translate from a mandarin proverb -- gold silver jewel, simply means jewelry, in a nicer way.
Since i got so many blings on my nails, i think they suit the name, haha... ^^v

The roses i'm holding was made of tracing paper,
i had a presentation in class today, and i need to prepare a visual aid on my artwork, so needed the tracing paper to cover it as protection..
i use the leftover to fold into roses after my turn of presentation,
i was the second to present so i have plenty of time left in class listening to classmate's presenting..
i made 3, and gave 2 to Amelia (her nails appear in my blog before, lolx..),
mine was now on my ducky ducky's 'head' as her head accessory, haha, will take photo of her again to show you all~ ^^

Well then, night night everyone and morning morning~ :)


Paige said...

Gorgeous mani!

Angela said...

I like this...very harajuku...

Anonymous said...

The roses are beautiful! I love roses and your paper ones look so real!! My gradients never work like yours so I am going to try your way and see how one turns out... I love the mandarin saying/proverb you've used for your mani. Thank you for another gorgeous post Rachel xx

Lucy said...

Very pretty! Love all the glitter and jewels. That's amazing making those roses!

simyee said...

mata sakit lah..
too bling XD

but nice wan~

Unknown said...

Thank you! \(^-^)/

Tehee, i like harajuku style as well but i never thought my naisl look like those, they are way more blings than mine! Thank you thank you! ^^

Thanks Danielle!
i think choosing a base color then is close to glitter gets nicer work, but i have to admit it's always easier to make gradient with glitter polish because bling-ness can cover any imperfection~ ^^

Thanks a lot Lucy! ^^ i use to fold roses,millions of stars and goose as well during my childhood for fun. I'm just amaze how the paper can turn into such wonderful decoration~

Dear dear:
Heahea,bling le~ It's super bling especially under the sun, i can't get my eyes off from them! ^^v

Anonymous said...

Hello Rachel :). I tried your gradient tutorial with glitter polish as you suggested. My gradient worked so much better! Not as beautiful as yours but I was much happier with the result! I am wearing my bling nails to work today teeheehee!! Thank you, thank you <3

Unknown said...

You made me so touch.. :')
I'm really happy to see others find helpful from what i'm able to share, it's just so.... Rachel's speechless..
Hope you have a bling bling day~! ^^