Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas? Indian? or Egypt?~

To create this manicure, you will need...

A light brown polish ( glitter or not, up to you~ )
A glitter red polish
A glitter gold polish
A dotting tools
And blings~ :D

And let's start~
Of course, everything starts with base coat,
Brown as base...
Here i apply 2 coats..

When it's dried,
apply a moon shape of red glitter near your cuticles,
outline it with the gold glitter..

For ring finger, instead of outline-ing, paint the entire nails with gold glitter..
I also added some red glitter dots on it..
Add red and gold/yellow rhinestones as how you like on it before the gold glitter starts to dry..
Press it with pressure to secure the rhinestones from dropping..

When it's all dry, top coat and you're done~ :)

Here you have a unique and shiny manicure to bright up your day~ ^^

And good night to Rachel and Good morning to you all who is at the other side of the Rachel~ ^^/


Paige said...

That is gorgeous!!!!

Lumin0us said...

Greeting from the other side of Rachel!;)
Love the mani!
U have a wonderful blog, i think we just get speechless!^^

Anonymous said...

Ah! I have started Monday morning and a working week very happy again! Thanks to Rachel!!

Rachel! This is such a stunning mani. I would imagine an Egyptian princess would love to wear this! I would never be able to reproduce something so beautiful. Another favourite of mine! Love, love xx <3

Unknown said...

Thank you! ^^/

Tehee, thanks a lot! you're so sweet:D

Hehe, your mouth are always with honey (a Mandarin kinda talking)~ ^^
But i'm really glad to cheer up you on Monday,here comes a brand new day again~

Lucy said...

Beautiful manicure. Love the design.

Kae said...

Wow I am blown away by this one Rachel! I love the colors, and the stones you put on it really took it to a new dimension. It's so rich and decadant! :)

Unknown said...


Thank you thank you! ^^
My birthday is near and i'm thinking how to 'dress' my nails up~ ^^
but guess what, i got test on that day.. T.T

simyee said...

really got indian feel ah~
darling ...
how to use the dotting tools de?....

Unknown said...

haha...pour out few drops of nail polish, then dotting tools dap dap dap a bit the polish, then?
Dot~ ^^