Monday, November 16, 2009

Morning garden~

Faster grab the hot fresh out-of-oven mani~~~!!! lolx...
This was what i did an housr ago today, after i woke up and had breakfast..
Hehe, cuz normally i will do nails at night when i've done everything,
but since i get up early today and class is at noon, i got time~! ^^v

To create this GORGEOUS nails ( i want it to be gorgeous, so it must be it!!! wahahaha.. )
My dear friend you would have to first...

Pamper your hands~ ^^

The Body Shop Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub
EuBos free gift Nail buffer
The Face Shop Nail Supplement
The Face Shop Base Coat
Watson Cuticle pusher x2

Dont get me wrong of the foot scrub, because it's time to remove my toe polishes,
so i did my pedicure before mani one. Actually i did my feet care hand care last night and let them sleep with clean clean condition, and only paint them this morning..
I only use the foot scrub for feet, not hand, haha..

My routine~
for feet:
Soak in warm water for at least 5 min,
scrub scrub scrub^^
cuticle push push push, (i will only cut off the cuticle once in awhile)
trim the nails,
nail supplement, and let them rest.. :)

For hand:
soak in warm water for 5min as well,
push cuticle,
cut it,
trim nail shape,
nail supplement,
base coat and starts painting~ ^^

So here's the polishes i used for this mani~

QY no-brand polish White
Skin Food BR609
no-brand thin tip brush glitter green
Elianto Top Coat

Let's start~ ^^v

White polish as base..

Then Konad with the glitter brown one...

light green glitter to make net pattern near cuticle,
and add roses to your preference..

Bling with rihnestones~~ @v@

Top coat and you're ready to go out bling other's eyes~~~ ^^

Some close up~
This is my left index finger..

left ring finger...

left pinky...

Cuz i'm right handed thus my left hand is quite shaky to do the same pattern as what she had,
only 2 roses for right to reduce miserable mistake, lolx...

My hand looks long, but you can see the bones all looks big...
Thanks to my sweetie, he always 'crack' them, he loves to, haha... T.T

^^ okie bye guys~ time to go to class~~~


Paige said...

That is gorgeous, I love the bling!!!

ThRiSzHa said...

wow!! this is really pretty...

Anonymous said...

Those nails are beautiful and so romantic with the roses! I love them :)

Unknown said...

Thank you! We all loves bling^^

Thanks! :D

Thanks Danielle~ But i got few rhinestones dropped when im changing clothes.. T.T

simyee said...

i wan rose! XD
mana go buy those fake nail plate?..

Unknown said...

haha, next time back stick for you~ lolx..
night market,rm2 for each, but i cannot guarantee the quality of course, haha...

Angela said...

super creative!

Lucy said...

How beautiful. I love the roses on your nails. Very pretty. Your really talented.

Unknown said...

Thanks Lucy^^

suzieduck said...

lovely nails. your designs are really pretty. how do you get the stones and beads to stick?

i'm curious about the rose. are they soft so that you can press into the curve of the nails? will the edge stick out?

Unknown said...

Hi~ :)
Well i only use clear polish to stick them, i wait for 2-3 second for it to get tacky then i put stones and beads on and press it with pressure to make it stay at the place better.
It depends on what material you're using for the roses. Acrylic paint roses is softer compare to nail polish one, you definitely still able to curve it but just be aware of it in case you curve it too hard the petal might come off..

suzieduck said...

wow, thanks. if i were to ever come across this mold i'd definately get them.

Unknown said...

you're welcome and thanks for hanging around^^