Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Polka go round~

Well well, i was watching Tanja's latest you tube clip on iced heart mani and i accidentally saw the mani she was wearing on her nail are cute! (she's demonstrating the iced heart on fake one)

It's white base with pink circles on the tips, but i don't feel like doing it pink, so i decided to come out with my own one~

Simple little ingredients to kirei kirei (beautiful in Japanese) nails~ ^^

White nail polish
Black glitter polish
Dotting tool

Black glitter your nails..
It's been some time ago since i paint my nails black~ ^^

As the picture says, this is the failed one i've made.. -.-''
i used light blue, turquoise and peach color to make circle outlines but the various of colors seems to make the whole thing looks messy, i only did this on left hand to try it out so i just remove everything on left hand and re-paint the black one to start again~
Even genius make mistakes right.. :)

Here's the success one~ ^^ tehee...
I only use white to make the circle this time, Tanja's one was the outline of circle, but i decided to make mine with dots, looks cute~
(indoor light)

Now i know why nail bloggers like sunlight!
It's just make the mani so sooooo stunning and looks better with natural light..
Cause normally i only do my nails at night, so i have no more sun light,
But now Rachel is kinda changing little bit of here and there, i also take photos of my nails the next day after i'm back from class when sun is still high up there, nice^^

And it makes my skin looks healthy, lolx..


Lumin0us said...

Love it! So simple and cute!

Amabile said...

I like very much, very stylish! And I don't think that "failed" one was so bad afterall :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you! ^^ and thanks to Tanja for the idea as well though she do not know me.. hehe..

Thank you ambile~ Maybe changing the colors will make it better.. :)

Anonymous said...

Why is that mani a fail!? I don't understand. I think they are both beautiful!! But then I think everything you do is beautiful and stunning xx :) You are so funny - even a genius makes mistakes ;) they probably do teehee xx

Unknown said...

tehee.. because genius is human as well.. lolx..
i fail the mani because it was not what i wanted to make and i think it can be more neat.
Rachel wants to do better :)
Thanks thanks thanks Danielle! i always get support from you and that makes me feel warm^^

Paige said...

You are too hard on yourself; I love your "fail" mani! I love the success one too; now I want to try it!

Unknown said...

Maybe, but i want myself to make something better or more to which is closer to represent myself.. :)

but i'm glad that you all like the 'failed' one, hehe...
Thanks for supporting~ ^^

Camy said...

Those are so beautiful!
But I like the ones you said you failed too :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Camy~ ^^/
I'm so glad and surprise many like the fail one, hehe...

Lucy said...

That's an adorable manicure. Your fail was still pretty. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. You do such pretty work.

Unknown said...

Why did everyone said so? ><
i know it looks nice but i always want to move forward when i think i'm able to do so..
That's the way i can improve especially nail art is what i'm seriously interested on and i think it will be with me for the entire life, hehe..