Saturday, November 21, 2009

HalfSet of The Beige Lace~

Time for my 'tutorial' time~ hee..

This is where i get the idea to 'transform' them to mine~ lolx..
Obviously it's from Nail Max and whoever that created this pretty nail of course credit for them, and i just screen print it to show you all..

To make this very simple and sweet mani i had show you all last night,

You will need
base and top coat of course if you're doing on your real nails

black polish

light beige polish (i just bought it from Elianto and i think it's really nice to use it for this mani)
Konad m39 (i forgot to include it when i'm taking picture)
big rhinestone

small silver beads

dotting tools or orange stick to help you on sticking the stones

To make things go easier, i stick the nails on recycle chopstick with blue tag, it comes with my food every time i order for delivery but i never use it.
I prefer my personal one..

1 coat of the beige

2nd coat of it

Konad-ed them horizontally near cuticle part cause the fakies are bigger than my actual nail size, i have to stamp twice and you can see most of it are slightly messy..

My camera just can't focus on what i want.. -.-''
Stick the big rhinestone on ring finger, and surrounded it with the bead..

For the thumb, i added a black rose i also stick some bead on all the nails for decoration..
your beautiful mani will ALWAYS complete with top coat to seal your polish stones konad and design..

And.... you're done~

Hope you like it~ :)

The green one will be post tomorrow or day after that as i'm quite busy on uni lately..


Rachel need your help to name the green mani. Any suggestions?^


KaThy said...

green polish...
i love opi gergantuan green grape ^^

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a very good tutorial! Those flattering nails are simply, perfection. Hope you are not too busy at uni next week!! :) xx

Paige said...

Those are beautiful!

Jin said...

Hey Rachel, these nails are so pretty! I love lace design and was going to draw freehand until I see these Konad stamps! Must really invest in it! Did you buy these online? Hey thank you for following my blog! I've just followed yours and added you to my blogroll.

Unknown said...

Ni hao Jin~ ^^ Thank you for your appreciation. :D
i got to say it's a very good investment on Konad for those pattern that take times to draw by free hand,
but some times i like to try to do it myself as well..

I bought them from local supply,
but you can definitely check out their online store, but so sorry cuz i din save their link.. :p

Thanks for following me also!And you're in my blog roll already, tehee..
Nice to meet you^^/

Jin said...

Ni Hao Rachel. Hen gao xing ren shi ni! I've been researching about Konad all afternoon yesterday. Think I will have to buy it online.

Unknown said...

hehe, feel so happy to have someone out there speaking same language with me..
Well, if you're going to buy Konad,
here are some suggestions that might be helpful:

1.Unless you are ready to handle harder skills,
if not don't buy m19 which is the plain french tips image,
i tried twice and i surrender.. T.T

2. The polish are made to suit Konad stamping technic,
it's rather thicker than the usual one,
but you can definitely use your old polish or the cheap-no-brand one would do a good job as well~

3. i think double sided stamper would be better to use than one sided,
so you can have better handle when it comes to small image..

i guess i wrote too long in comment here,
you can actually check many nail blog out there using Konad,
it's fun hanging around to see different matches n arrangement of Konad everywhere~ ^^

Unknown said...
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Angela said...

you're really creative...I love your posts!

Unknown said...

Thank you! ^^

Lucy said...

Love the nude shade with the black lace. Very sexy and with a lovely flower.

Unknown said...

Thanks Lucy~ ^^