Thursday, June 17, 2010

black lace french~

Hi everyone~!^^/
hahahahhaha, looking at my sneak peek photo i'm still so excited that i finally succeed on my 1st attempt for 3D acrylic!^^ so proud of myself when i see those babies i made though it's not perfect yet but soon~~~^^

Ok ok shall i start showing you my step by step? ^^

To be honest i kinda come out with this idea from picking little bit of here and there from you tube clips or blogs that i've been reading, and i modified here and there while i'm creating it..
(you all know i dont like to really plan the design too complete in advanced, that's boring to me unless it's a brilliant genius one.. XP)

i 1st start with black french tips in a 'V' direction, just to give design more interesting rather than the ordinary 'C' smile line.. it's suppose to look really like a 'V' when you open your finger straight but i didn't get to snap a nice one.. but you get the idea..

It's optional if you wanna apply 2 coats for the back, but for mine, 1 is enough..
I then added this pretty lace pattern i did using my 3D mold..

Cut the excess lace and you get something like this...

Time for acrylic~^^
i finally accidentally figure out why my acrylic dry fast even i bought the slow dry liquid, simple cause i did not switch off my fan.. =.="
i normally switch my fan to volume 2 or 3, but i turn it to 1 previously when i'm doing acrylic, so i think the light 'wind' is still affecting the acrylic to dry fast. I simply off the fan this time without any thought, when i came out with my 1st bow successfully i was still curios, 'why suddenly i so smart so fast can did it?', after few seconds only i realise it's the fan problem, haha....

And i also take the courage to make a rose (or whatever flower it is) since i still have some liquid left in the glass.. not as perfect as pro manicurist but i think it's pretty impressing~~~ ^^ XP sorry if i'm too excited about it..

I only stick the 3D bow on index finger and thumb, need some time to get use to it before i start getting crazy sticking on all nails.. :p
Added some stones and pearl too! But i'm too excited and lost control that i once again, ruin the design a bit on my middle finger cause my hand itchy keep picking up stones to stuck on it and lost direction i wanted to go.. >v<

Anyways, i still love this design~ ^^
My friend Amelia ( which her nails will be appearing on next post soon!) says the black french makes the stones and bow pops more making it a contrast.. aahhhhhhh, my bow~ ^^

This was taken when i'm on my way to uni,
and simply explaining why i love sun so much~! my finger skin tone looks fairer and more to the color in real life, i can see the nice pinkish-ness of my natural nails, and what's more than making nails looks more sparkling~

You are my sun shine~
My only sun shine~
You make me happy~

forgot the lyrics.. XP

Till then, will post up another sneak a peek poo for next post soon~ ^^v


Anonymous said...

You make me happy, when skies are grey...

Well my sky is grey today (weatherwise) and you've certainly brought sunshine to it Rachel ;)

Love the mani, love the bow and love the black with bling! Beautiful! Danielle xxx

Jin said...

Hi Rachel, the bow looks perfect but I have a soft spot for lace. Hehe I love the black acrylic lace sooo much. Your nails certainly does look so bling under the sun. Love..... hehe

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

:) amazing! you are emproving day by day :) I've a question:I don't understand if I can make acrylic nail art (such are your cuuute ribbon) and then apply to my natural nai or I must overlay my natural with acrylic too... Thank you :)


Donna said...

Congrats on a successful first attempt at 3D acrylics ^^
They are really really pretty!!

Unknown said...

oh you are always my sun shine too Danielle~^^
Nice right? tehee, i'm full of inspiration lately, so dont go too far before i come back with more fantastic work! (like i really am so fantastic. XP)


hehe i forgot to mention the lace was actually made from black nail polish, acrylic was only the bows. :p
I love love love lace too but i still need some time to figure out more pattern for it. Lace hwaiting~!^^

But i have a problem, do i need to add clear acrylic into color powder when i wanna use it?

If you can notice from my photo, i dont have any overlay and i just stick the bow with nail glue on my natural nails.
So you need to be more gentle and careful when you are removing it. I just use normal acetone nail remover and soak it till it soft and lightly pull it out.

Thanks a lot Donna~ ^^ the more i stare on them the more i feel like making more bows! hehe..

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

:) thank you :) I think I will save money for acrylic stuff... :) hope to see new creations by you :)

Unknown said...

welcome:) acrylic is definitely fun to play with, i hope i can keep on improving that i dont need to get cert to be a pro~ XP
Wish you can get acrylic soon and come out with fun ideas too!

Jin said...

Rachel, when you mention colour powder, is it colour acrylic powder? If it is, there is no need to mix clear acrylic powder to it. Can't wait to see your next design hehe.

Unknown said...

yup color acrylic powder..
tehee, ok ok, i feel so nervous and excited to move on with colors! ^^

Mae Espiritu Makeup Obra said...


Unknown said...

Thanks! :)