Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Awards~ ^^

Oh i'm so sorry to Camy!!!
She gave 2 awards to me, one lately another one earlier at March, but i'm so careless i did not post it up until today, my fault. ><

The first award is Best Blog Award, so the rules of the award are to
1. accept the award, post it on your own blog, with the name of the person who has given you the award, and a link to their blog.

2. Pass the award on to approximately 10-15 blogs that you have recently discovered and think are great!

3. Contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Second award is Beautiful Blogger Award (well i take it as a compliment to my appearance too, hahaha kidding),
and according to the rules for this award I must write 7 things about myself an pass it on to 7 friends.

First of all, i'd share 7 things about myself no matter you interested to know or not, you read my blog you gotta read this too! hahaha.. ;p

Let's start with some thing else as you already know i'm in love with nail art~

1. I got myself grey and green contact lenses lately. Actually i've been wearing green one during my internship since beginning of this year, but i just restock the green and gave grey a try as well. i'm wearing grey now, it looks natural on me, but i think i'll stick back with green after that, i just love it~! ^^
(i'd probably show it here if any of you are interested to have a look, hehe)

2. I started to like liquid eyeliner (the pen type where the liquid will come out from the bottle through the brush), bought Kate Frame Impact Marker not long ago but i took a long time to get use to the application and stop using it. I went for a 5day working trip during my uni break and i decided to gave it another chance as it is really long lasting as i need to standby for work for long hours. I took some time to deal with it and finally i'm a friend of it now~ ^^v

3. I keep watching Korea Drama lately. tehee, i'm a big fan of K-pop and now it switch to drama as well. I actually prefer Korean entertainment world than Japanese, so as make up, as they are more natural and closer to my preferred style. K-pop hurray~ ^^v

4. I am really interested to take nail art course or make up course! been thinking about this long time ago, but i think i should really do it before i regret, as i'm considering manicurist as my future career.. :P I plan to take nail course after my uni graduation and see if i could expand it to a home base nail saloon after i got cert, hehe..

5. As some of you may know i'm kinda anti-pink in life and nail as well. But guess what i just found out a bright pink pencil bag from one of my storage box when i was packing stuff! Really no idea why i bought it, haha.. But it's now my nail tools bag now, will show you guys later on, haha.. :p

6. I gain weight. >< >: *

7. I have no idea what else i can talk about in short, but one thing is, i am so glad and appreciate to know and meet people from all over the world from my tiny little blog! :) I dont normally have friends that really have same interest with me, so i feel lonely sometimes when i got nobody to share or discuss about nail stuff. But you all made my life more colorful and i dont feel 'unique' from my gang anymore because i know where i can find my 'nail buddies' ^^

Now for the tagging, i wanted to give out this award to everyone that reads my blog, because you are the one who made me and my blog strong and warm with love, so all of you are the beautiful bloggers too!

Not to forget Danielle, Jin and Kae, i'm really glad that i get to know you all and receiving your support all the time and how the hell (ops~) can i imagine i own friends from the other part of the world~!:)

Ok, it's getting late now and i have class tomorrow morning, i think i will be able to upload another post at night later, just did a manicure for Polish Hoarder Disorder's Bling bling Challenge i think i will submit my photos tomorrow, hehehe...


Kae said...

Hi Rachel,

Whats a really good Korean Drama? I only watch Japanese dramas (I'm lazy and sometimes don't want to read subtitles lol, terrible I know). and sometimes it makes me remember words I forgot.

I loved reading the things about you too!

Unknown said...

tehee, the only thing i dislike from watching foreign dramas(japanese korean and such) is that i need to concentrate on the screen to read the sub title too!
I just finish Personal Taste but it's just ok, But i have to tell you that Cinderella's Sister is marvellous!! @v@
it's a really grey and sad story but makes me love Moon Gen Young more now ^^