Friday, June 4, 2010

White and Gold French~

So this is what i did for Polish Hoarder Disorder's bling bling challenge, and i kinda got the inspiration from the Pink Room Nail Academy and modified it..

i did a wide french with white polish in 2 coats,
follow by the lace, using dotting tools to draw it,
then the glitter gold polish in 2 coats as well,
finally the black line using thin tip brush,
and decorate the ring finger with stones as how you prefer..

Oh ya, so this is the only pink pencil case i bought as i mention at last post,
i use it during my 2nd year of high school if i'm not mistaken..
i use it a lot and the color is kinda faded and if you can see the corner has got blue pen ink, haha..
It's been in my storage box at a corner for years, and finally took it back to use when i was packing my stuff back to hostel, it's my nail utensil case now, hehe..

Ok, i think a new post on Monday or Tuesday, as i'm back to my hometown for weekend and left my nail stuff at hostel..
Till then, take care~ ^^


yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

I love this! It looks great on you. My nails are really short right now, but I think I could do something like this!!


Unknown said...

Tehee, if you notice my index fingernails are slightly bigger as i'm wearing fake extension, cause it's the only nails split and i am so bother about it.
But anyways, hope to see yours too~! :)

Jin said...

I like the colour combination and your hand drawn lace. I tried drawing lace many times but just can't seem to do it properly. Notice you added tiny twinkles on your images. It looks very good!

Unknown said...

Tehee, thank you thank you^^
but no worries, my work are always nice to see from far.. XP

Jin said...

Ayah, you are too 谦虚! hehe

Unknown said...

hehe, 彼此彼此~ :p

Anonymous said...

Rachel! They are gorgeous! Love the lace detail but I can't believe you'd EVER be 110% naughty ;) teeheehee - Danielle xxx

Unknown said...

hahaha, make me have the inspiration to paint my nails '110% naughty', lolx...
Danielle i miss you lar, when are you coming back~ : * hehe...