Sunday, June 13, 2010

gaga is crazy

I like her shoes, it's freaking crazy yet stylish enough to walk without the heel!
watched her latest MV Alejandro, the scene i keep on replaying was when this shoes appear. i rewind back x37354196324517239650 to check about the heels.

i wish i could try on it.
By the way i like this outfit too. feminine yet boyish. like me. :)


Rebekah said...

I love gaga!! The nails in the vid are hot

hehe not sure I would be brave enough to try the shoes!!


Unknown said...

haha... i love her crazy ideas, but not all that i think is appropriate nor necessary on screen.. anyways, at least we always get surprise and nice performance from her.. :)

Anonymous said...

well, in french gaga litteraly means "crazy" :)

Catnapsch said...

I love Gaga! The best part of this outfit for me are those pants! :D

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info! so lady gaga= crazy lady, haha..

hehe, so i take the shoes, you take the pants~ who wants the top~~ anyone?? haha..