Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Haul + Acrylic

Nearly forgot about these photos from last month.. :p
Went to the biggest beauty fair in Malaysia last month with one of my secondary classmate, and got these stuff.. i got crazy looking around on make up, Konad (but too bad the offer is not attractive yet to make me buy any of them), acrylic, and the new baby in taiwan 'crack' polish..

This is what i got~~~~~~~
Not really much but at least i got what i wanted to try, hehehe...

Oop! Jealous is my forever idol from Taiwan Jolin Tsai's nail polish brand run by herself, it's selling over here but quite expensive (msia ar msia why you wanna make those branded thing so expensive~~~), so since they have promotion now, i must have some~!

This is the second crack polish i got, from japanese brand call Fairy..
Will show you all how it works, maybe next post or later~~ :)

And so! Here's my 2nd attempt of acrylic~
(my 1st was really horrible so will not show it out.. XP)

Nice right? but only last for like, 1+ day.. lolx..
i learnt from what Jin told me in her blog and after watching nail tutorial from You Tube reallllllllllly closely, i found my mistake, and guess i have to be more aware on cuticle and lifting, and such... hehehe..

To play with it, i added some lace pattern on my left hand, wanted to make it 3D but clumsy me ended up become this 'beautiful' inlay.. lolx....

Ok ok enough of crapping, gotta be sleeping now have got class tomorrow~~
Night and Morning~ ^^/


Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

:) You alre so lucky :) Where I live I cannot find a beauty shop or a fair that have reasonable prices... everything is too expencive, expecially acrilic set and powder... Hope to see your creations soon :)

Unknown said...

haha we always think the other party is luckier than ourselves... :p
Acrylics are so expensive over here and it's hard to get from retails unless you're nail art student, so this is the only chance i have.. haha...

ThRiSzHa said...

u did an amazing acrylic nails...
im looking forward for ur crack polish post!!

Jin said...

Oh I want to see all your new nail polish! I've heard about Oops before. They seem to have a lot of glitter nail polish. Jolin is a huge fan of nail art herself. Unfortunately I am unable to get Oops over here. Also very interested in the crack nail polish. Remember to take photos on how it works!

Your acrylic overlay looks really good. I am most terrible at classic French mani. Can't seem to get it right. Yah talk about expensive nail products. I think to date I have already spent at least a 4 figure sum on my nail art stuff and equipment. But it's all worth it cos I really enjoy it. Hehe.

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

ahah :) the neighbor's grass is always better than yours, we say in Italy... :)

Unknown said...

thanks a lot! I'm still thinking what design to do with the crack.. :p

Oops! is as expensive as OPI over here, so bad.. >< her range of polish is really nice i saw it but 'can see cannot touch', haih..

I seems to got into french lately, thought of french everytime i wanna do nails. Oh everyone here spends A LOT on nail stuff, haha... i dont even wanna imgaine how much i've dump into nail shop.. XP

tehee, chinese always say foreign's moon is always more round.. Thanks for hanging around^^