Sunday, June 20, 2010

Flowery lace~

Tadaa~~~ Sorry for keeping you all waiting, shall i present to you my dearest friend Amelia's mani from me mE ME~~~ ^^ lolx..

Ahem, i apologies that i didn't snap nice photo for whole set of nails, this is so far the only one that looks better, but taken before we completed the 'look', haha..

Beige base,
Konad m71 with dark purple,
and same purple for french..

And how could we miss out my cute 3D roses~?!
(ah, getting more 'proud' of my creation, lolx...)

She came out with this pretty idea and me to 'illustrate' it onto her nails, haha..

So who's next??? XP

** Ok this is my last set of manicure to post before i remove what i'm wearing now, so, till then dont miss me so much~ haha..


Jamie K. said...

thats a really awesome job!! :D:D

Unknown said...

Thanks Jamie~ ^^

Jin said...

Very nice. I like the addition of the black French tip. Wow in one of the photo I see you made heaps of 3D roses out of the mould! Are they very easy to use?

Unknown said...

hehe, actually it was quite a long ago i made those roses, got the mould from Konad, it's meant for clay but it works the same by using nail polish.. i haven try it with acrylic though as nail polish roses is doing good to me.. :)
the only down part was the price! but luckily i got it in beauty fair last year with 50% of promotion price, hehehe...

Anonymous said...

I'd be very proud of your creation Rachel! Those roses are beautiful. You and Jin are fantastic at them. How much are you both going to charge for a set? ;)

Another mani from you that I love. I think Amelia does too! Danielle xx

Unknown said...

haha.. we charge free specially for you only Danielle! ^^ we'd very most happy spending time together, aren't we? hehe..

Oh Amelia's been promoting her nails to her friends, and i got free publicity and a personal PR now, haha..

Mae Espiritu Makeup Obra said...

aww i love the flower! beautiful!

Unknown said...

Thank you^^