Friday, June 11, 2010

Laceey toeey~

Another Fact of the Day:

Rachel finally likes wide screen photos.

Long time no pedicure, just 惜惜 my feet after i finish my manicure. ( sometimes there's some word or meaning that other language can not explain correctly. this words simply means like when you feel sad your papa come give you a hug and you feel better and sweet and warm, hehe..)

scrub them luke water them cuticle them file them moisturise them and paint them and make them smile. :)

Toe nails are not as lucky as finger nails as it's best to look clean and simple with designs, and mostly there's only thumb nail that is big enough for me to play, haha..

Just a simple nice coat of black as base and add on the not-so-obvious 3D lace i made from 3D mold i bought from beauty fair awhile ago.
Before i can snap them after the top coat, i so careless and let them touch the floor, so top coat became 'matte finish', lolx..

My right hand finger nails' 3D roses started to feel loosen, so i just remove it cause i can't wait to do my next design. Feel like doing nails a lot lately, maybe coming back to hostel gave me inspirations. Did another bling bling nails and probably will only show it next week, need to rush for my Animation sub storyboard and drafts to hand up on Monday.

To proof that i really like wide screen 16:9 photos, here i have 2 photos, since i have not been showing my face here for a long time, haha..
I DIY dyed my hair last week, with help from my friend Amelia, who her nails appear in my blog the most whenever it's a 'nails of friends' labels (left one in the photo below)
you probably cant see obvious about my hair color, but i love it when i meet sun light and you can see the mystery red shines, haha...

Well about the caption of this photo, you can ignore it, it's our inside joke among my gang, haha..
Our focus is to show i like wide photos! XP

Till then.. like my new blog template? like?
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**shhhhh..... my mum did not know i dye my hair~! XP (which she's been asking me not to, as it's not necessary, that's why i DIY it instead of getting it doen in hair saloon)


Catnapsch said...

Those are gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot:)
i saw you posted one of my nails in your tumblr the other day. I'm not familiar with tumblr, but did everyone dont credit the photos that are not from your own?
Just curious as i find it insecure about this.

Dainty Darling Digits said...

What gorgeous nails! I can only play with my big toe too :)

I love the glasses, I had some but lost them and I wish I didn't!

Unknown said...

thanks! :)
Oh i like big glasses like this one but my both ears are not at the same height so i just feel so 'unbalance' wearing spec.. ><

Jin said...

Rachel, your toe nails look so pretty. I didn't know the 3D mold comes in a lace design! That's so convenient. I have many 3D lace nail stickers but I love them so much I didn't want to use them. Hehe. When I was in college my patents didn't like me dying my hair too. But I have no choice but to dye it now cos 20% of my hair's turning White!!! Sob sob (it runs in the family) I am now loving gel toe nails. I did mine 4 weeks ago and they still look new and shiny with no chipping.

Unknown said...

tehee, photos this time are better than usual on toes, they like this angle, lolx..
i found those mold in the fair, i tried it with acrylic but again i think i need mroe practice as the mold is quie small since it's for lace, but i found it very convenient with normal nail polish and dries fast as it is kinda a 'thin' 3D.

i feel bad to hear about your hair, but i think its good excuse to have it dye now, haha..
i watch how japanese did their gel nails and it's so thin neat and nice, unlike over here the gel is thick like it's free.. T.T who can fly me to japan to get my nails done? XP

Anonymous said...

Look at your toenails! They are so pretty and dainty!

I can't believe you dyed your beautiful hair. Do I sound like your Mum? Probably because mine is red and my mum would never let me dye mine to have dark hair like yours. Why do we always want what we don't have. Naughty isn't it!

I love the pictures of you and your friends. You all look gorgeous! I like the glasses too..

And yes, I LOVE the new blog template. Very very pretty and gold, bling bling....

<3 Danielle xx

Unknown said...

haha, i use to have silky (when i say silky i mean it! XP) straight hair to waist nearly butt length, then i chop it off up to the length now after keeping it for more than 2yrs i think.. and now it's time to play with dye~ ^^ You sounds like my mum, a lil bit, haha...

tehee, i pick that template cause of the bling bling too, and i like the golden orange, so pretty~ :)

ponnie said...

yes i liiiike your new layout :P

Unknown said...

haha... thaaaaaaaank you~!