Monday, June 22, 2009

Original design??

Well i'm not sure if anyone comes out with this kinda pattern before, but for sure i didn't refer to any nail blog or pictures etc, it's.... well, it comes from my day dream-ing when i'm doing the right hand nails..

Base coat,
again cut the tape into curve line and stick on nails,
painted the inner part with sparkle dark blue as what the picture above show,

Then konad the rest of the nails with m53,
pick another dark blue from TheFaceShop (the 1st one was dark blue from SkinFood) cause the color is not showing up on nails with Konad,
though to stop here but the nail looks kinda weird because still can see my nail's white tip,

So i added the blue tips on,
and some dots around, white and blue one..
top coat and you're done..

It's kinda like shape of eyes in the middle, but with flowers inside.
It's kinda like curtain's design too, from the flower as well... -.-"' lolx..
and it's also kinda elegant retro style, from the curves and dots...

Whatever it is, it's kinda pretty for me, so it got the premission to stay on my nails then, haha...
Ok, time for bed, damm sleepy right now been typing blog since 10+pm..

Night everyone~ :)


Pam said...

Oh wow this is waaay cute, and original, I really like it.

Unknown said...

thanks! : )
But it some how looks like curtain too, haha...

Lucy said...

Love this design. Very pretty.

Unknown said...

Thanks! i still love this very much..

konADDICT said...

thats talant!!!~!

Unknown said...

Thank you for hanging in my blog~ ^^