Friday, June 12, 2009

Plain black sparkle~

Was having problem on uploading photos last night so can only make it today..

This was the black sparkle i bought few days ago from Skin Food and im so excited to wear it after i remove the previous one..

Product used:
*TheFaceShop base coat
*Skin Food BW701
*Revlon double twist base & top coat

Decided not to add any pattern on it to let it stands out by its own, tehee...
This is also been ages i leave plain polish like this, cause i always thinks they should be fun and creative by making new designs...

Does anyone knows how to prevent nail polish away from bubble after applying them on nails?
I always face this problem and could not find a solution... ><
I try stop shaking the bottle, apply thin layers by layers as i always apply 1 thick coat of polish to save time waiting it to dry, but still the bubbles come out, why..............


Lucy said...

Not really plain! I like the sparkle in the black. I don't know about the bubbles. You can try That's the nail board if you don't know.

Unknown said...

Thanks! i'll go check it out.. :)