Sunday, June 21, 2009

More ribbons~

Suppose to upload this the day before yesterday, but end up because of my lazy-ness to wait for the picture to be upload like forever cause my housemates is fighting for the internet line with me, what the bla~

forgive me if i sometimes talk malaysian english... -.-"'

Ok, so, did a gradient using the polish i just bought last week from Elianto,
adding layers of polish by leaving the inner part blank and more layers to the tip, to create gradient, which it doesn't really seems to appear successfully at the end..
Nah...Don't care, i just feel like painting my nails, that's all...

With Konad m59 and some still-that-sucks dotting skills..

And these....
*Eliato Party nail color Shocking purple 03 (which is actually not the shocking)
*Elianto White 02
*Konad m59

*TheFaceShop base coat
*and Konad top coat which i forgot to included in the picture
*pieces from cotton ball + orange stick as 'Rachel's nail polish eraser'

And here's the outcome~

I still don't understand, why all my white polish forever dries up faster than other color's polish....


Lucy said...

That is such a pretty girl look. Love it!

Unknown said...

But i think pink will look sweeter in this design, too bad i dont have any, time for polish shopping, haha...