Thursday, June 18, 2009

Greeny lacey~

Wanna play with polish lately but didn't have good idea what to draw on nails, saw this design from Cynful Nails's post while i'm just simply coloring my nails green, try to follow her pattern by my way..

Her base color is pink but since i already colored my nails green i just leave it...
I don't have pink polish too anyways, maybe it's time to give it a try?

Konad m71, the lacey ribbon one..

Stamp twice..
My hand didnt shake so much this time! But still cant make every nail's pattern look the same. arrhhh...

Use acrylic paint to draw bow on plastic bag and let it dry..

Take the bow out and stick to nails when it's totally dry, top coat and done~
Acrylic dries faster compare to nail polish but polish's 'shiny-ness' still wins though..
anyways, the bow looks like doggy bone in a way, hehe...

Product used:
*Alpha Acrylic no1 Titanium white
*TheFaceShop base coat
*Elianto White02
*Watson no-brand polish sparkly green
*Konad top coat
*Konad m71


Lucy said...

Your bows are shaped perfectly. I love that lace design. Finished look is so pretty.

Unknown said...

actually the bow will looks nicer if using nail polish rather than acrylic paint, so the surface will be smoother and more neatly..
Thanks :)