Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sweetie fish net~

Uni's back and here comes the mani-for-buddy back again, tehee..
Been starting to help my friends doing mani to train myself doing nails on others few months ago, other than just playing around with my own nails and fake ones...

Drying her nail polishes, tehee, thought this photo is cute so put it here..
Duckky blow drying nails~ ^^

French with some dots and fish net deco...

Using Konad m57..
This was the first image plate i bought other than the 'starter kit' with the 3 special nail polishes, 2 image plates stamper and the scraper one, i simply pick one cause honestly i dont quite like the plates that comes along with the kit, tehee..
Only after that when i saw plenty of videos and blogs mentioned about it, i knew that m57 is actually quite practical and useful..

Product used:
*Flame 045
*Elianto White02
*Elianto Twillight zone 40
*Konad m57

I first apply 2 coats of the white french tip,
then only 2 coats of the baby pink glitter polish on the rest of the nail plate,
after the tip has dried, stamp on the fish net pattern only on the white polish area,
then black dots on where the french tip and pink polish meets,
to friend's suggest, stick a red tear drop rhinestone at corner
last but not least, top coat to protect the design..

Don't know why my hand shakes a lot when im doing nails, always ruin the design by my own.. sob... ><


Lucy said...

That's a pretty design. You do such nice work. Your hand will stop shaking with more practice. you just have to try and relax.

Unknown said...

yea but sometimes when i'm hungry my hands shake very 'well', my hand wouldn't shake when i get enough sleep as well, tehee...