Sunday, June 7, 2009

Polka French~

Tomorrow is Monday, so here's the nail for it~ ^^

Due to my shaky hands, i have no mood to paint the french 'manually', after base coat, i used tape to stick on the part i dont wanna apply polish, then painted it with white polish..

*From my experience, do not remove the tape immediately after applying nail polish, better to wait till it dries half way..
But this method may differ at different country due to the weather..

Make sure it's dry to proceed to the next step..

Using Konad m71, stamp it with dark red polish onto the french tips..
But in this nails, i only need the polka dots part, in stead of the whole image..

Cause it's really hot here, i did this design under high volume fan, so the polish dries up quickly before i stamp it onto the stamper, end up some of the dots missing..

For decoration, i dotted the dark red and white polish on my ring finger as flower and added a rhinestone in the middle..

Don't forget the apply top coat..

Product used:
*TheFaceShop base coat
*Elianto White02
*TheFaceShop RD303
*Konad top coat
*Konad m71
*Rhinestone (not in the picture.)

Done, back to my homework~ ^^


Anonymous said...

hi there...
1st of all..
i like d design of u nails...
it's real nice..
i wanna ask that where to get d m71??
it's soo special...
i wish to get 1...

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot~ :)
i get it from a supplier after the first time i purchase from them when they set up booth in the mall.. But since i don't know where you from, maybe you can search it from beauty web site on the net, the price is almost the same...

Lucy said...

That is really nice, clean and pretty. I love dots.

Unknown said...

i love dots too, am searching for dotting tools now cause orange stick doesn't seems to work well for dotting..