Monday, June 15, 2009

Bling bling sticker nails~

I'm having flu currently and it makes me feel dizzy and sleepy the whole day, i don't really have mood to think of designs so i thought i'd try out this nail stickers. i bought it quite some time ago cause i've seen a lot of these in night market here and it's cheap, but haven got the feeling putting it on cause it makes me feels like i'm 'faking' on doing nail art..

I decided to stick the bottom design one, as that is the only design i like from the entire bunch of these stickers and in this set too, lol..

Clean your nails,
measure the sticker with your nails,
cut out the exceed part on the edges according to the length of your nails,
apply a clear coat and stick it onto your nail when the polish is almost dry to let it stick better to your nails..
last, apply one more layer of clear polish or top coat to protect the stickers..

It only comes with 1size of sticker for each finger, see my thumb one? there's plenty of gap even though i tried to even up both side's space on each nails cause my nail plate is slightly bigger than the sticker, hope it make sense, haha..

Since this is the first time i try on this sticker thingy, i will see how long can it last on my nails..

I like the bling bling silver glitter the most, tehee...
Flu flu faster go away, i don't wanna keep sleeping nap-ing, what a waste of time.. -.-"'


Lucy said...

Hope your feeling much better by now. Love the stickers!

Unknown said...

Thanks! i'm doing well now..

Natalie said...

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Anonymous said...
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