Sunday, June 7, 2009

Black & White French~

A different version of french in black and white using Konad..

First i cut out the curve shape on piece of tape,
then stick it on the nails and paint the empty are with black polish..

Using Konad m39 i first stamp the flower on the point/corner of the black tips
and follow by m71 the ribbon lines on the edge of french tips, both with white polish..

Added 2 layers of beige color on the empty area of the nail, just to fill in some color other than showing the fake nail's color, hehe..
Stick a rhinestone on it too, then top coat..

Product used:
*TheFaceShop BR801
*Elianto Twillight Zone40
*Elianto White02
*Konad Top coat
*Konad m39
*Konad m71

And so become the latest one of my collection, tehee...
Will find some time to post up the rest of my creation later..


Lianne said...

Ooh, I like this one! :) Very elegant. Where do you get your konad plates btw? They still don't seem to have m71 in Singapore yet. :(

Unknown said...

Thanks, this design comes out by its self when i'm day dreaming, hehe..^^
Oh i bought it from supplier in Malaysia here cause i have their name card, but they do have few shops in KL selling Konad stuff too..
Maybe you can try shop online? :p

Lianne said...

Oooh, I was hoping they were sold by some chain of stores or similar so I could go and look for it when I'm next in JB or something. :p Thanks anyway!

Unknown said...

The supplier i know has branches selling Konad at KL, Selangor and Melaka only, so unless you can come over to kl, hehe...

Btw, nice new color, i like that your nails all look almost the same and the length, gosh i wish my nails won't peel off that often..

heather said...

HOLY CAW!! Girl your nail skills are off the chain!!!! Thanks for the link love. I bow to your amazing designs. Congratulations!!!!

Unknown said...

thanks a lot!! and i like yours too~^^
But i know i still have a lot to learn especially to train my shaky hands..

Thanks again~ :)

Lucy said...

Love that design. Very pretty. I prefer your own nails. Even short they look better than the fakes.

Unknown said...

:) thanks a lot!but i wish my nails can grow stronger and harder..