Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Corset nail

This nail was inspired by design from Nature Nails , her original one is very pretty but it makes me think of corset, so i turn out with this..

Accidently deleted the process of creating this nail, opsy... TvT

i first apply the beige polish to the whole nail,
then the violet,
after they are dried, paint the white lines and a ribbon with acrylic,
add black glitter at the end of each lines and the gold glitter in top of it,
next dip some green blue and the silver glitter polish onto the white lines for decoration,
finally when all polish has dried, apply top coat to seal the polish..

Product used:
*no-brand glitter polish
*TheFaceShop BR801
*Elianto violet red
*Flame 045
*SkinFood BL503
*Revlon double twist base & top coat (forgot to add in while taking picture)
*black and gold glitter
*Acrylic colors Titanium white


Lucy said...

Love the corset look. All you need is a little head on your nail!

Unknown said...

haha... thanks!