Monday, June 1, 2009

Hello everyone~

This blog will be all about nails i did, i wear and design.
Nail polish will be the main stuff i use but acrylic will sometimes come in, especially on fake nails for practicing...
Konad stamping image plates will be used too while doing nails..
I usually change my nail polish 3-4 days once, when the polish starts getting off from the tip, cause i do cooking and washing almost everyday so the polish gets out quite fast..
Polishes i used are mainly from brands like TheFaceShop, Elianto (Malaysia local brand), and cheap no-brand polishes..
I learn all nail stuff by my own, through magazines blogs and YouTube as well, links that i put on the side bar is normally where i got inspiration from, or else pretty much just from my imagination..

And something quite important is that, i don't really like pink, so you wouldn't be finding hello kitty cute ones or pinkish design here~

So for the first post here, this is what i did today for the first day back to uni~~
Product used (from left to right):
*no-brand silver glitter
*no-brand silver
*TheFaceShop base coat
*Elianto Twillight Zone40
*Elianto White02
*Konad top coat
*Konad m53 & m71
*small rhinestones

Apply base coat, let to dry.
Then apply 2coats of the silver polish on the tips and let it dry..

^^ blow drying my nails with cute little Konad duckduck nail dryer~

Then, stamp over the image on m71 above the silver tips with black polish
then the butterfly on m53 on top with white polish..

Added some rhinestones on ring finger's butterfly for fun..
Then top coat..

Here's another version of this nails, white for m71's image then black for the butterfly..

Hope you like it and thanks for anyone who pass by here... : )


simyee said...

darling memang darling ah..
gu u a big big big huggggggg..

so nice leh..
u make me wanna do nail art oso..

support lu!!

Unknown said...

i'm your darling, of course geng lek lui lo, tehee....

i will only come back after like 2 months, you man man wait la... lolx...

simyee said...

tak apa..
i wait u..
cz i now intern oso not free lah..

my sister ask u o...
mana u buy the kanod?

Unknown said...

hey rachel...
long time din chat with u....
since u find ur own ways to make ur dream become true but dont forget ur study ya....
heh...can tell me why u buy the kanod????

Lianne said...

Ooh, these are really pretty! I always have difficulty keeping the design only on part of the nail. Very impressive. :) Thank you for the link!

Unknown said...

thanks everyone for your support~ : )

I'm still learning, so do give me some time to get familiar with more detail designs, hopefully i can be more skillful soon~ ^^

And to Lianne, thanks for passing by here, your comments meant a lot to me, especially from someone out of my country~ :D

Lucy said...

Love this design so much. I'll be looking forward to all of your designs. I love pink nail polish but rarely wear it. I wear different shades of green most times. I love glitter and shimmer polishes. Especially love holo polish. Will be reading and enjoying your posts.

Unknown said...

Thanks.. haha too bad i don't really like pink but trying to get use to it cause honestly some nude pink and soft pink is nice on nails..
I still din see any holo polish at mall but i'll definitely try one i if i see it.. :)

JeannieeNg said...

where did you get those Konad? I can't find them in Ipoh

Unknown said...

hi Racheal:)
i got mine from retailer at kl which i contact personally as i get to know them from beauty fair last few years.. but i think this may help you:
this is the Konad website for Malaysia, so i'm pretty sure you can just drop your purchase there. Otherwise i think you may just need to come over kl to look for it.. :) hopes these helps..