Wednesday, June 3, 2009

warm ribbon~

Wanted to play with lines so come out with this design..
In loving with ribbons on nails recently, this included the reason i bought Konad m59, tehee...

'naked' fakkies... hehe..

Painted black on the half bottom,
then add on lines of white, then warm color like red and glitter orange one by one..

Added yellow and silver too, feel like it needs some bright one..

Use silver balls to create the shape of a ribbon..

then the tail..

Paint the space in the ribbon with beige polish, but after that tot of putting some red glitter also, hehe..
After that hand itchi wanna add some glitter, then top coat..

Honestly i'm not sure if the ribbon is still nice after adding color, but i do like the soft pink kinda color on it~

Product used:
*Elianto Twillight zone 40
*TheFaceShop Twinkle orange
*no-brand silver glitter
*TheFaceShop BR801
*no brand red glitter
*Konad top coat
*Acrylic Titanium white
*Reeves acrylic Lemon Yellow
* Reeves acrylic Brilliant red
*silver balls

I want many many polishes... nice blue nice green, some shiny bright color and dark one too... ><


Lucy said...

Sorry, not liking that design. Too much going on colorwise.

Unknown said...

haha, i like it quite well, cause it's more to japanese style that i very seldom able to create..
But i think this would look better with acrylic one..