Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blue and white~

Ok, the nail stickers is not really working to me, 2 of it peels off a lil bit the next morning, maybe the top coat didn't stick well, can't stand cause it keeps coming out half way so i tear it out.. T.T
So.... just did another one and luckily the line is still steady so get to upload on time..

Like the few post ago i use nail polish to draw on plastice bag and wait for it to dry, then stick on my nails.. i only remember to take photo after i take some white ones out, hehe...

2 coats of dark sparkle blue on each nails except ring finger, leave it for white polish..

After they are dried, apply clear polish on the place you wanna stick the pattern on,
black pattern on white nail and white pattern on dark blue ones..

I added dots on tips like french nail..

And oh ya, the pattern i draw is from what i've drawn few weeks ago..
I place the plastic bag on the drawing and kinda follow some of the pattern..

Product used:
*TheFaceShop base coat
*Elianto White 02

*Elianto Twillight zone40
*SkinFood Pedicure sparkle 05
*Konad Top coat


Lucy said...

That is an interesting way to do the designs. I love the manicure.

Unknown said...

Oh Thanks! actually i was still thinking whether this is a nice manicure or not, cause i think i haven seen design like this before..