Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mini Haul & Nails for Friend~

Went to mall yesterday with friends and get to go shop in Skin Food before we leave, and bought these~ ^^

From left to right:
*Pedicure Sparkle 05 (Dark blue sparkle, my second love one~ ^^)
*Pedicure Sparkle 02 (light olive green sparkle)
(kinda matte brown with sparkle, my friend ask to buy, so i, have to buy.. T.T haha..)

*BW701 (Black with sparkle, my favourite~!)

================== ***==================

Should post this earlier on, did mani for my housemate last week, she didn't know what pattern to do so i make a dark blue with Konad for her, tehee, my friends likes to play with it..

File trim buff and push cuticle such,
follow by 1 coat of dark blue polish,
then butterfly from m53 on each nails,
also make some dots around the butterfly with white polish,
top coat, done~ ^^

My fakies thumb last week cause it peel off a lot i have to cut it short to prevent from peeling again, but make the skin around pain, so stick the fakies on to protect it..

Wanted to do pedi tonight but seems that i let my toe nails cover with polish too long, so decided to leave it for few days first... :)


Lianne said...

The brown one is the one I really like from Skin Food! :)

Unknown said...

haha that's what my friend likes, but i prefer dark pearly color cause it looks more 'dazzling and elegant, lol..
but anyway, i found Skin food nail polish quality is slightly better than TheFaceShop, more long lasting and the texture is more smooth applying..

Lianne said...

*nods* it's a little more expensive though.. and face shop is having a sale at the moment here, bought another one today.. S$2.30!

Etude House just opened here as well, so I got one of those from them.. It's a one coater, I'm quite impressed!

Unknown said...

ooh.. >< i wish i can always go shop, cause im staying in uni's hostel and it's kinda rural area and have to take at least 45min to town...

Lucy said...

Like the colors you bought. Nice Konadicure.

Unknown said...

Thanks.. but now i look back i feel like it's too much of dots, hehe...