Monday, June 22, 2009

Upside down french~

I'm feeling lazy lazy and lazy lately~~~~~~~
Which is a bad news cause it's time to start all my uni's assignments, someone pull me up~!!!! ><

Though i say i'm lazy right now, there's still 1 thing and the only thing i got 'ohm' to do, that is nail art~tehee... ^^

Cause it doesn't require me to walk around but just sit down get water paint brush nail polish remover lots of nail polish acrylic paint and i can sit down quietly for almost the whole day to 'produce' new design for my creation series~

Again, i will sure share my creation 1 by 1 in the future, when i got the time + i'm not lazy, lol..

Upside down french... hmmm, that's the only name i can think of at the moment...
Cause the curve is the other way compare to french nails...
I don't really like the combination of red and black plus yellow, kinda too bright for me, as i usually prefer to match a more 'low profile' color with bright one, to contrast..

Maybe i should try the same design Upside down again, to let it be the normal french nail? haha...

So horrible! i can see my finger's 'wrinkles' so detail in picture..

Base coat,

use tape cut into the curve and stick on nails to color the red inner part, 2 coats,
then remove the tape and apply black polish, 2 coats as well,
dot on the line in between the 2 color with yellow nail polish,
some clear glitter polish
then top coat...

sorry cause i accidentally deleted photos on how i stick the tape on my nails...

This is the right hand design, next post would be what's on my left hand,
i use to paint different design on both hands, so then i can think of more design to draw, since drawing on real nails is more practical than fakies + to train my left hand too...

Oh ya, my left hand don't shake that much now, but am on the way training her to be more 'fluent' in drawing on both paper and finger~


Lucy said...

Love your upside down French! Pretty combination of colors. Your so funny about your left hand, hehe.

Unknown said...

haha, it's a bit like planet/star nails... argh, i hope i have more time and inspiration on nails now, i want new idea~ hehe..