Thursday, June 18, 2009

Awesome blogs~

Found these 2 blogs while hanging around at others nail blogs and they are really awesome~! ^^

The first one is * Cynful Nails * . It's interesting about the name cause her name is Cynthia and so she change 'sinful' to 'Cynful'.
She's from Singapore and she is a home based nail 'stylist' 'designer' 'artist' ? someone let me know what's the word for it, hee... -.-"'

I got to say i love love love all the pattern she creates with tons of ribbons hearts and full with glitter though i've mention i don't like pink, but for hers it does make my wanna go for pink!
Also for the pedi, now i got somewhere to get inspiration~ hehe... ^^v

The next blog is Mitsue with her * Mini Nail Blog * . She's japanese but currently living at Australia. The way she types is very kawaii and i'm wondering how old is she..

She also owns a web site called * Create Magical Nails * showing lessons and designs. I've been watching YouTube clips to learn everything about nails but her blogs did a good job in explaning different kinds of mani steps by steps, with caring little tips~^^

And by reading their blogs make me even 'exhausted' to try acrylic nails! but sadly i haven seen any stores selling acrylic stuff here. ><

Haih.. :'{


Lucy said...

I already read Mitsue's blog. She is so talented and sweet. I'll look up the other blog.

Unknown said...

yea she's so adorable, love reading her blog...